Lock Picking Skills

Lock Picking Skills:

This SubDomain is part of the www.SatanSucks.EU project. 


Its main goal is to Level the Playing Field between Islamic State Satan and You.


Here on Terrible.jouwweb.nl we warn You for crappy locks used in various  places.


We explain You how to pick a lock for as less as 20 Euros and we will show You what kind of CRAP is out there.


Prison locks, locks used in homes, Stores and Companies, bicycle locks, padlocks, the lot passes here...


With great Sadness We have come to Inform You of the Spiritual Death of these locks.


Although it looks as solid as a Rock, sadly Anyone with a bit of KnowHow can Trick these locks to open within 5 Seconds to 30 Minutes...


On the next pages we go through 5 locks of every catagory and we offer in the 2 buttons down here, a course in Lockpicking.


Aswell as A Lockpicking Set.


In this way, You are able to hack MOST of YOUR OWN locks and that of requesting family and friends.


Crime Is not very smart and only a MORON defends Crime. 


So its needless to say that I do not support Crime with this Knowledge. 


EXTRA: energy drink hacks... 

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